The Principle of Established Standards

Parenting in a Changing World – Part 2

The Principle: How to teach children to stay on course.

Set the standard: Knowing that our children are facing a fluid and ever-changing array of choices in a world that keeps revising the standards of a civilized society, we must seek the one constant upon which to build parenting skills – God’s Word. For although man seems to re-shape acceptable behavior at will, God’s precepts are the only truth that are constant and eternal.

And it is vital that our children learn that man does not have the omnipotent insight to change God’s commands.

In addition, if we want our children to be decent, righteous adults, guided by an inner compass of moral integrity, we must be vigilant to monitor the character of our own souls.

In an article on this website, we share a tender illustration about how parental example enables us to transfer values to young children. We summarized the article with this certainty:

The character of a man is not inherited. 
It is assembled – daily, from the little acts of justice in his midst. 
Compassion is shown. Kindness is passed on. 
And integrity is fostered deep in a man’s soul. 
Let us set the standard toward which our children can strive. 
Let us all lead lives that are evident in truth and character. 
For we have been given a holy calling – 
to create a new world, one little life at a time.


A note from a HYCL Team Member: A few weeks ago we spent some time with our adult daughters. They are amazing. Beautiful, bright, and caring. How did they become such radiant gifts to the world? I would like to say that it was because of excellent parenting. But that would not be accurate.

As a young couple 35 years ago, we had little knowledge of how to take care of babies or how to raise children in an evolving society. But in spite of our inexperience, ignorance, and ineptitude, we were certain of one truth – that God would hover over His word to perform it. So each day we spoke His words over them, claiming His protection and promises. Today, we see the evidence of His faithfulness.

– End –