The Principle of the Perfect Parent

Parenting in a Changing World – Part 1

The Principle: Dispelling the myth

Raising children in a modern and enlightened society is a task of great responsibility. Parents now deal with issues that were not even part of the public consciousness a few years ago. The burden is great. But so are the rewards.

First things first: The first issue we must address is the myth that parenting is a series of right and wrong decisions: the perfect parent makes all the right choices; the incompetent parent makes the wrong choices.

The truth is that there are no perfect parents. We are not created to be perfect.  We are created to love and to serve. We are created with flaws, and quirks, and idiosyncrasies; but in our uniqueness and in our weakness, we can draw strength from God’s Word, from His presence, and from His promises.

The world tells us that perfection is a noble and attainable goal. Hollywood parades perfect faces on perfect bodies with perfect lives across our living rooms each evening, leading us to believe that perfection is attainable. But that is an illusion.

So we must recognize from the start that we are all flawed, made of clay, striving to reach higher and look deeper, forced by our humanness to stay humble, to seek, and to grow.

Perfection is not our goal. 

Our goal is to escort, through a changing world, the children God has entrusted to us with love and wisdom. 

– End –