The Principle of Unconditional Love

Parenting in a Changing World – Part 3

The Principle: How to construct the ultimate foundation for a blessed life.

In Part 1 we discussed the myth of the perfect parent. In Part 2 we talked about the importance of setting a standard – of ensuring that we transfer integrity and uprightness to our children.

To continue … this next principle upon which every parent must stand is the principle of unconditional love. Without it, fear takes dominion. With it, confidence and strength of spirit arise.

To accomplish this task – to cultivate in our children the knowing that they are loved unconditionally – we must first remember that we are not alone. In addition to heavenly support, we are also given assistance from caring people in our midst. The following true story illustrates this simple truth.

One HYCL Team Member’s Account:

He was 15 and all smiles as he tucked his learner’s permit into the visor and slid behind the wheel of the Classic Oldsmobile Cutlass. He looked over at his 76 year-old grandmother, her frail body strapped into the passenger seat. “Let’s go mud riding,” she said. And they did, again, and again.

The next fall, I watched her support her grandson when he wanted to be an astronaut. Six months later when he wanted to be a nurse, she thought that was equally wonderful.

Dorothy Naomi. Giver of advice. Lover of grandchildren. Believer in all dreams. To her, no goal was ever out of reach. From her, I learned to believe in the hopes and dreams of my own young children, to believe in their every hope, and in their every dream.


We serve a God who believes in us, too, who provides us with hopes and dreams, and who encourages us along the way. He has confidence in us, gives us purpose, and supports us with lasting peace. God loves us without question and without condition. And it is in unconditional love that we are forgiven, protected, guided, and provided wisdom.

To share this truth with our children – to love our children as He loves us – to demonstrate to them the unfailing mercy of God – is to give them life. More than this we cannot give. More than this we do not require.

There is no better truth to pass on to the next generation. To be loved, in spite of who we are and what we do is the ultimate truth, and the ultimate foundation for a blessed life.

– End –