Replacing Bad Memories

Accidents happen. It’s part of childhood. And most of the time the tears are dried and the child continues on his or her way. But once in a while the fearless little explorer requires more than a kiss and a cookie.

Below is a wonderful account of how the trauma of an accident was turned into a happy memory. With a little help, he revisited the event – on purpose.

Recently, a four-year-old boy named Conner was injured while exploring stored lumber in his yard. EMT’s took him to the hospital with a fractured skull. A week after surgery he came home. (He is just fine). When his mother called the fire department to thank them for their kindness, the fireman on duty asked if they could make a social call the following Thursday.

The next week, amid blaring sirens, an EMT truck and a fire engine pulled up in front of Conner’s house. He and his little sister were entertained by the crew and invited into the trucks. Pictures were taken and within twenty minutes, the children had new memories to replace the old ones. When the trucks pulled away – sirens blaring – the gathering neighbors waved goodbye.

Thanks to all those who serve our communities with dedication and excellence. You are appreciated!

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