Our Seemers

The other day a friend of mine was involved in a fender-bender. No one was injured but the remarkable revelation was that before the collision, each person involved had an inward sensitivity of the impending doom. Each had been led to take another route. Unfortunately, no one considered the inward-knowing to be valid.

We are led by God’s Spirit through an inward knowing, through our spirits – our “seemers.” It is not a head decision – not an intellectual thought process. It is a heart issue, a knowing or impression of what to do. We conclude, “This seems like the right thing to do.”  For my friend, it seemed best to take the other road, but he didn’t. It seemed right for the other driver to just go home, but she didn’t.

Our children are going to be making thousands of decisions in their lifetime. What better gift can we give them than an awareness of how to develop a sensitivity to God’s leading? To His guidance. His protection. Children already possess a trust and closeness with God. It’s part of their initial equipment. We were once this equipped too. But as we grew we allowed intellectual reasonings to override inward leadings. Now, as adults, we base our decisions on gathered facts, studies, research, statistics, demographics, experience, opportunity, and a host of other variables.

And as important as these components are in making a mature and well-informed decision, before we take a step, the final decision should always come from that inward place where God’s Spirit resides.

  • “Do I have a peace about doing it?”
  • “Does it seem right – deep inside – that I should go in this direction?”
  • “I know what my head is saying, but what is my heart saying?”

In any relationship, the more time we spend with a person, the more we can perceive their thoughts and the intents of their heart. Why wouldn’t it be the same with God? He wants a relationship with us, too. And as we pray and spend time with Him, the strength of our “seem-er” increases. We can more easily recognize His leading.

Let us train ourselves – and our children – to always be checking on the inside for God’s leading, direction, and peace. Let us be watchful – rightly dividing our own intellectually based thoughts from our spirit-led impressions.

Looking for His wisdom.